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Versatile to the Bone, Passionate for Creativity, and Chocolate Lover !

Hello, my name is Natalia… I' am a freelance graphic designer, who enjoys all things artsy. From designing to crafting and everything else in between, my passion for art has no limits. My motivation is to transform ideas into a tangible reality, so the concept is no longer a flat sketch waiting to happen, but instead a new form of colourful, visual, and palpable presence that has a life of its own… the presence within.

The Company… Phantom Design was born to create remarkable designs or what I rather call fragments of art that are unique, specific, and significant. Versatility its a very important aspect of this changing world and so is this company. My vision is to provide a full range of services to assist with your business development, market research and project coordination. Like I said, Versatile to the bone!

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Aesthetic appreciation, imagination and originality to enable the development of innovative, creative and artistic valuable projects.

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